Crawford Harvest Festival

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Crawford & Company is part of the insurance world. Sometimes, insurance can become monotonous so it’s great to be able to break away and do something small, yet fun to keep my skills sharp. Every year, Crawford holds their annual Harvest Festival & Chili Cook-off. They look to the marketing department to design the email invites and posters to be displayed around the building. I was asked to create a design that was fall-themed with a bit of Halloween. Below are the three designs used in the office for the festival (Save the Date, Call for Cooks, and full invite). These were sent out via Groupcast and printed on 11×17 paper (emails were resized for 11×17). The full invite was my favorite as I created it to be the fall theme on top, moving underground to a cave with all the inside information on the festival.


CRAW - Harvest Fest - Save the Date - v5 - 09-04-14 - MP




CRAW - Harvest Fest - Save the Date - v3 - 09-03-14 - MP

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